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.: HP decides to ask for stuff back, says "oops" :.

.: 09/23/03 :.
For over 2 months HP has been selling a 17" flat-panel LCD monitor for $199 - less than 50% off the $449 normal price.

Now they say it was a mistake, and not only are they canceling orders in progress, they actually expect people to either pay the difference or return the monitors!

To the right is an actual e-mail from HP (click the thumbnail to enlarge)
There are several places already reporting this news, and this just doesn't look good for HP. They've even resorted to calling customers and leaving voice mail asking for the extra money or the return of the products (Voice Mail Message in MP3 format)

One of the great users on Neowin originally posted a link to the 17" (link now leads to an error page, shockingly) which was selling for $199 since June 30th 2003.

So nearly 3 months later they decided it was a mistake, and instead of writing off the loss they are actually expecting people to pay or return these monitors. I don't think so! I wonder how many people are losing jobs because of this, not to mention the consumer backlash they are about to receive (as well as loads of bad press!).

My brother just got one of them last week, and decided to spread the wealth to his co-workers, all whom have notified that they will not be getting theirs. He's already received his, and he's not stupid enough to return of pay extra for a legal purchase and completed transaction. Price mistakes are common in on-line sales, and retailers do not always have to honor pending orders after they discover them - but they sure as hell have to honor them once the transaction is completed. What they are trying to do is flat out extortion.

Here's the full story over on Neowin

Story now linked to on The Inquirer as well.
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 12:00 AM on 09/23/03
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iguanajane wrote:


Posted on 09/23/03 @ 10:23 PM

-Nikunj wrote:


I have seen airlines - United Airlines mainly - have made such price mistakes so many times - $200 round trip ticket to India, $1 round trip ticket between cities within US... Aahh...
Yesterday I read about HP renting private planes for top managers to travel comfortably. Such planes each cost 100 million every year to maintain them. Such shameful logic and now I see such outrageous expectations to have the consumers pay for mistakes they do...

Posted on 09/24/03 @ 06:33 PM

iguanjane wrote:

HPs competitors have encountered similar problems with pricing of products. At the beginning of the year Dell refused to pay two rebates worth a combined $200 to thousands of customers who bought Dell hardware late last year after being told they would receive five rebates worth a total of $710 - on computer systems that sold for as little as $800. The ensuing press coverage lasted for months.

Posted on 09/24/03 @ 07:22 PM

iguanajane wrote:

Oh, by the way, here is HP's disclaimer that you can find on each page of the order form. I was able to read it how about you?

HP is not liable for pricing errors. If you place an order for a product that was incorrectly priced, we will cancel your order and credit you for any charges. In the event that we inadvertently ship an order based on a pricing error, we will issue a revised invoice to you for the correct price and contact you to obtain your authorization for the additional charge, or assist you with return of the product.

Posted on 09/24/03 @ 07:31 PM

IgwanaRob wrote:

This was pointed out to me:

The HP Web site states:
"*Prices, promotions, specifications, availability and terms of offers may change without notice. Despite our best efforts, a small number of items may contain pricing, typography, or photography errors. Correct prices and promotions are validated at the time your order is placed. Please note these policies apply only to products sold by hpshopping.com; reseller offers may vary."

Note the 3rd sentence. That means the price they charge you is official. There's no way they can back out of that, even if they wanted to.

2 days later and it looks like they're not going after everyone [yet] - maybe they decided to shut up before the mainstream media caught on...

Posted on 09/24/03 @ 08:11 PM

IgwanaRob wrote:

Looks like they not only backed down, they are sending out apologies as well!

From HardwareGeeks:

"On September 8, 2003 an error on the HP SMB web site allowed HP customers to purchase L1502 and L1702 monitors at a reduced price of $99 and $199, respectively, instead of the regular prices of $305 and $429. As is standard web pricing policy, our web site clearly states that we are not liable for any pricing errors and that in the event that we inadvertently ship an order based on a pricing error, we will issue a revised invoice or assist customers with return of the product. Based on this policy, HP sent a request to customers who purchased the monitors requesting they either return the product or pay the difference.

HP values the relationships we have with our customers, and has decided to honor the incorrect pricing for those customers that placed an order and have received their product. We are currently attempting to contact each individual by phone, as well sending an email, with sincere regret over any inconvenience caused by this error and asking each of them to disregard any prior communication on this issue."


Posted on 09/26/03 @ 12:00 AM

Tom wrote:

So you think HP/Compaq sucks? I'll tell you what happenned to me. I have a laptop that the hard drive went bad in. Called the customer service people and was told to send in the laptop. Instead, I opted to take the laptop to an 'authorized service center' where I was told that I was lucky I didn't send in the laptop. IF I had, the data would have been gone (that data is extremely important to me).

So, I was stuck. The warrenty was not worth the paper it was written on. Now, several hundred dollars latter, I have my data and a new drive. HP, my 1.2 million users a day are going to get an eye-full about you!

Posted on 04/28/04 @ 12:36 PM

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