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A Vault-Tec Presentation

Thankfully, I do not drive!!


.: The world is about to end.... :.

.: 04/29/04 :.
There's a popular joke that goes like this:

You know the Apocalypse is near because;
The best rapper is a white guy
The best golfer is a black guy
The tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese
The Swedish hold the America's Cup
France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance
Germany doesn't want to go to war
and The three most powerful men in America are named 'Bush', 'Dick', and 'Colon'.

Today, while driving with my boss on the way to Brooklyn, I added my own line to that popular joke:

Latoya is the normal Jackson

But I digress.

The real proof that the end is coming comes not from a joke, but from the downright scary shit that is flying out from the ABC cesspool.

Barbara Walters is trying to auction off a real baby on TV. Not strange enough for you? Ok then, how about this - Uri Geller, the 'famous' spoon bending psychic, is suing to stop the ABC Baby-Adoption TV show. No, not because it's fucking wrong, but because he claims he owns a patent for a reality TV show that involves competing to adopt a baby

So, let me sum up this insanity by borrowing from Xeni's post over on BoingBoing - On American TV, "You can't say "fuck," but you can broadcast a raffle for a human being".

Yeah, everything is just peachy....blink!
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 08:43 PM on 04/29/04 in Category: General
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.: Scary Link of the Day :.

.: 04/28/04 :.
Dunno why, but the thought of Giant African Snails that can transmit meningitis is damn scary to me...
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 08:40 PM on 04/28/04 in Category: ... of the Day
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.: Mutant X, Andromeda Cancelled :.

.: 04/28/04 :.
According to IGN - Andromeda and Mutant X will be coming to an end, thanks to the closing of Canadian producer Fireworks.

Dammit. SciFi just brought Andromeda to the lineup, and they haven't even aired 4 new episodes yet. Mutant X has been crap since half the original cast bailed out, but it was still a decent X Men influenced show. Of course, any show that gives me the chance to stare at Victoria Pratt is a good enough show for me :-p

As usual, Blame Canada
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 08:02 AM on 04/28/04 in Category: Entertainment
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Courtesy of BoingBoing:

The Ramones documentary, End of the Century, has won critical acclaim at every festival and screening it played at. But the two nearly bankrupt filmmakers who made it are having a hard time getting sign off from the surviving Ramones.   [Read More!]
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 08:14 PM on 04/26/04 in Category: Entertainment
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.: Camping.... :.

.: 04/24/04 :.
Going for a long 1 nighter upstate with some old friends (so far Adam and PJ). Let's see, what's a sober guy to do when he's alone in the woods with 2 (or more) of his old drinking buddies? I guess I'll just have to bring my digital camera and start plotting the blackmail before they come by to pick me up in a few hours.

(insert maniacal laughter sound effect here)

Oh wait, they aren't rich. I guess I'll have to just take pics of trees and frogs and fishies and the messenger swimmers (inside joke on that one).

(that should throw them off the scent - HA!)   [Read More!]
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 11:46 AM on 04/24/04 in Category: Recreation
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How many times have you needed a beer or an ice cold water, but just couldn't risk leaving the room when the game is on? Don't wanna miss that car chase scene? Then obviously Koolio was made for you!
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 08:16 AM on 04/23/04 in Category: ... of the Day
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Ok, the more I think about this, the more I get pissed off. First off, an 82 year old has no right to be behind the wheel of a car. In no conceivable situation does an 82 year old possess the reflexes needed to insure that he/she will be able to avoid a life threatening accident. Secondly, this jackass had 2 times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood, and already had 2 previous convictions for DWI's.   [Read More!]
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 10:30 PM on 04/22/04 in Category: General
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The Register is reporting that Morrissey was detained in an LAX terror swoop. In typical El-Reg fashion, they mention:

"It is not yet clear whether or the US officials involved had listened to Meat is Murder, or whether they thought they had a match on notorious Manchester terror mastermind Anwar al-Morrissey."
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We've all seen them, eBay auctions that seem were created for the sole purpose of inciting a humorous reaction. This one is just too good not to pass on. The only thing funnier than his description of the router table is his responses to emails.

Go ahead - you need the laugh!
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 08:31 PM on 04/21/04 in Category: ... of the Day
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.: MXC + Hawk = Happy me :.

.: 04/19/04 :.
Remember how I was talking about how I loved Spike TV? Well I just saw a bumper for the show MXC (formerly Most Extreme Elimination Challenge), and Tony Hawk is going to be a contestant on the show! WooHoo!
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.: Link of the day - Howtoons :.

.: 04/16/04 :.
What and why are Howtoons? Howtoons are one-page cartoons showing 5-to-15 year-old kids "How To" build things, with a good mix of mischief, smartassery, and science.

Howtoons website

Courtesy of Boing Boing
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.: Fallout 3 a reality? :.

.: 04/16/04 :.
April 15, 2004 - In a public conference call with investors yesterday, Interplay CEO Herve Caen revealed plans for a new game in one of the most acclaimed PC RPG series ever.

"We're planning to publish Fallout 3," said Caen during the call's question and answer period.


Will it be the game the Black Isle Studios crew was working on before they were axed (which was the "secret" Van Buren project that everyone knew about), or are they scrapping that and making a totally new title? This is either really great news, or really scary news...

More over on Gamespot
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 12:20 AM on 04/16/04 in Category: Entertainment
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.: Song of the Day :.

.: 04/15/04 :.
For no other reason than it a damn fun song to sing along to:

Bobby Darrin - Beyond the Sea   [Read More!]
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 10:01 PM on 04/15/04 in Category: ... of the Day
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.: Link of the Day :.

.: 04/14/04 :.
A 404 page that would sure do a good job on someone used to Windows 95/98/ME


Honorable mention:
How to build a computer for almost no money at all!
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 06:11 PM on 04/14/04 in Category: ... of the Day
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Hamsters, gerbils and mice are our furry domesticated friends. They make great pets, but sometimes get neglected when you're busy playing all-night quake-fragfests and spending all-day reading other people's blogs.

Now your small rodent(s) can always be by your side when using the computer! The PC HabiCase allows your gerbil, hamster or mouse to live INSIDE your computer.


Hmm, I have a friend in Fla who could use this....
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 06:09 PM on 04/14/04 in Category: Humor
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.: Weird Al :.

.: 04/14/04 :.
One of my all time favorite comedic musicians lost his parents to carbon monoxide poisoning the other day:

"On April 9, my mom and dad, Nick and Mary Yankovic, passed away in their home in Fallbrook, California. It was the result of a terrible accident that morning they had started a fire in the fireplace with the flue closed, and were asphyxiated by carbon monoxide poisoning."

Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 06:06 PM on 04/14/04 in Category: Entertainment
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.: Utility art :.

.: 04/13/04 :.
Saw this over at Boing Boing Blog:

Clearly, More Than Meets The Eye - a handful of pictures of really cool painted utility boxes (telephone boxes by the looks of them)

Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 10:21 PM on 04/13/04 in Category: ... of the Day
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.: Eyeball jewelry? :.

.: 04/11/04 :.
After spending the past decade dealing with reoccurring corneal erosion, the idea of implanting jewelry into my eye is just about the last thing I would ever think of torturing myself with. Call me crazy, but the eyes are one of those things on your body that you simply do not %*&$ with.
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 09:05 AM on 04/11/04 in Category: General
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.: Song of the Day :.

.: 04/09/04 :.
I remember Malibu Sue, form the late/great WLIR/WDRE, giving me the album "11" by The Smithereens back in 1989 at the Nassau Collesium Fair because I was wearing a Ramones T-Shirt. She said that any fan of the Ramones was a friend of hers and deserved a bunch of free loot. My friends and I all got the usual station t-shirts, stickers, etc., but she gave me the album on top of everything because of the Ramones T :-)

So today's SotD comes off that great album. It's one of those rockin' songs that you just have to stop and listen to everytime you hear it.

A Girl Like You - The Smithereens

  [Read More!]
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 06:39 PM on 04/09/04 in Category: ... of the Day
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.: Blackout was preventable :.

.: 04/06/04 :.
CNN is carrying a story about how the 2003 Blackout was preventable

Not only was it preventable, but a Task force says it was not caused by terrorists.

Well holy friggin' DUH!!!

Great to see my tax dollars are being put to good use. Now, if they can only find out how to get rid of all that highly toxic Dihydrogen Monoxide that is infesting everything....

Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 07:50 PM on 04/06/04 in Category: General
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.: 3 years and counting :.

.: 04/06/04 :.
As of the first of this month, it's been 3 years since my last cigarette. I just picked up the last one in the pack and said that was it, that would be the last cigarette. No stupid gums or patches - after 10 years and nearly 3 packs a day I just stopped. No cravings (although the physicals habits of reaching for a pack whenever I sat at my computer kept up for a small while), and no desire to go back have ever haunted me.   [Read More!]
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 08:49 AM on 04/06/04 in Category: Personal
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.: Song of the Day :.

.: 04/06/04 :.
In honor of 3 years of smoke free goodnes:

"Last Cigarette" by Dramarama
  [Read More!]
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 08:47 AM on 04/06/04 in Category: ... of the Day
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.: FARSCAPE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! :.

.: 04/05/04 :.
It's official! - Sci Fi has announced that it will be broadcasting the 4 part mini-series that will finish up the plot line that was left devastatingly hanging on the "series finale" when the show was canceled.

Hopefully this will spark a renewed interest in what is by far my all time favorite Science Fiction Show ever, as the possibility of the show returning full time is very real. This is a great day for SciFi fans everywhere!
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 09:44 PM on 04/05/04 in Category: Entertainment
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.: Song of the Day :.

.: 04/05/04 :.
Ok - so I'm bored, and this seems like a pseudo-trendy thing to pass the time. It won't be every day, but it may may seem like that at times.

Today's SotD is 'Kiss me on the Bus' by the Replacements   [Read More!]
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 08:33 PM on 04/05/04 in Category: ... of the Day
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.: Link of the Day :.

.: 04/04/04 :.
Some really good stuff on this site :


Check out Redneck Surfing, Tony's Car, Parallel Parking - lots of good stuff.
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 02:14 PM on 04/04/04 in Category: ... of the Day
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.: No more D'oh? :.

.: 04/04/04 :.
Looks like the Simpson's voice actors are about to go on strike. Sheesh, could season 16 be in trouble? 15 years is a long time for any show, but especially for a prime-time cartoon series. Granted, it's the funniest show ever made, and the quality never seems to falter - but could 15 years be the breaking point?
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 12:50 AM on 04/04/04 in Category: Entertainment
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George Lucas has finally succumbed the the fans, and has admitted he was wrong for the drastic changes he made in the re-release of the original Star Wars movies (ie: Episode IV - Greedo did NOT shoot first!).

Since declaring that the original movies would never be released on DVD, many fans have been protesting - including several funny websites that Lucasfilm has seen to have shut down in the past few months. That caused a massive campaign of protest against Lucas, and the threat of boycotting the next movie apparently worked. Seems that the reasons we all loved the films as kids, the reasons that were destroyed by the craptastic re-writes, will be saved for future generations.

According to LucasFilm, they will be releasing Each of the original Trilogy as a multi-disc set which includes the original film, with digitally enhanced audio, as well as the "Special Edition" release. The Box Set that is being released later this year will still only be the Special Edition version, as Lucas has decided to wait until next year to release a box set of the original to coincide with the theatrical release of Episode III.

Makes me happy!

Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 06:14 PM on 04/01/04 in Category: Humor
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