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A Vault-Tec Presentation

Thankfully, I do not drive!!


.: This about sums it up. :.

.: 01/14/08 :.

[click to embiggen]
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An AOL President? Already Have One!
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.: Firewall Fun :.

.: 01/12/08 :.
Ever since Sunbelt bought Kerio, the once great software firewall has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Even after a clean install with no rule-set it fails to work as smoothly as it used to a couple of years ago, to the point of it ruining my internet connection if it was running, and hanging during log-offs or reboots with no way to get out of it but to manually do a hard reboot to get out of it.

Well Sunbelt/Kerio - So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 09:47 PM on 01/12/08 in Category: Tech
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.: SNOW!!! :.

.: 01/12/08 :.
Of course the talking-heads are all champing at the bit over the possibility of 6-13 inches in the first devastating and life-as-we-know-it threatening super-mega winter storm of the year, so we'll be lucky to get 1-4. Bad news is it doesn't start until tomorrow, but I got stuff to keep me busy ;-)

Keeping with tradition, now would be the time for all the mindless automatons on LI to rush off to the local stores and buy up all the bread and milk (even if you don't need or even like them!), and panic at the thought of having to drive on freshly plowed roads on the Monday morning commute (the horror!)

Update: monday morning - woke to a light dusting on the grass and puddles on the corner. I wish I could get a job that pays for utter failure like weather people have...
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.: FeedDemon Now Free! :.

.: 01/09/08 :.
FeedDemon - by far the best RSS feed reader around - is now free, along with all Newsgator products and sync services!

I've been using FeedDemon since it's early beta days, before it's initial public release, and Nick Bradbury is one of the most competent and amazing guys to deal with. As Bradsoft, Nick designed and sold solid quality software and chose to let us use it on as many machines as you work on (per-person licensing, instead of per-installation). Since joining up with Newsgator, he's made sure that his customers were always in the fore-front. If Microsoft had people like him programming and representing their products, Windows would a lot better all around (and mistakes would be fixed in near real-time!)

When Newsgator brought FeedDemon under it's product line, Nick managed to secure 2 year subscriptions (needed for the synchronization service if you use more than one computer) for those of use that had already paid for the software, and this news comes at a perfect time as I was coming up for renewal very soon ;-)

Press Release
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.: Happy New Year... :.

.: 01/03/08 :.
R.I.P. Netscape

fuck AOL....
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.: Happy 85th birthday Stan Lee! :.

.: 12/29/07 :.
Stan Lee, creator and co-creator of most of the greatest comic superheroes ever, turned 85 years old yesterday! Stan made superheroes more accessible, more human, and easier to identify with. He turned Marvel into a multi-media powerhouse, and his love for what he does always shines through. Stan is a true American legend and hero, and he's responsible for more smiles in my life than any single person.
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 02:43 PM on 12/29/07 in Category: Entertainment
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.: R.I.P. Homeless Frank.... :.

.: 12/26/07 :.
Murdered with a Turkey Bone on Christmas Day - WTF??
Witnesses said both men were in line at the Lady of Mercy soup kitchen on 12th Street for a Christmas mean when a fight broke out over the size of each other's dinner. Mr Sunone is alleged to have been pushed by the deceased and retaliated by using a turkey leg off his plate as a weapon. The bone of the turkey leg was found protruding from the deceased when police arrived.
Holy, Crap - Lucky Charles stabbed Homeless Frank with a frelling turkey bone? Truly sad, and yet somehow it's almost fitting - anything less dramatic would be seem like an insult to someone as 'colorful' as Homeless Frank.

Homeless Frank articles on YbNbY

Homeless Frank on Twitter   [Read More!]
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.: The Hobbit is coming! :.

.: 12/19/07 :.
The Hobbit is coming! I want to excited, but according to this Sam Raimi will be directing it, and it's sequel.

Wait, what? Sequel? Sam Raimi? Will Bruce Campbell be playing Gandalf? (OK, that would be frelling awesome, but still.)

Most likely the book will be split into 2 movies (it is long), but calling the Hobbit a Prequel just irks me. While I love the guys that brought the Evil Dead to us all, after the crap-fest that Spider-Man 3, and remembering that Sam's last dabble with fantasy characters was with Hercules and Xena, well call me just a little concerned...
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 05:25 PM on 12/19/07 in Category: Entertainment
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.: CompUSA throws in the towel :.

.: 12/09/07 :.
CompUSA will be shutting down after the holidays. Apparently crappy service and shitty prices do eventually take their toll on business...
Posted by: IgwanaRob @ 12:53 PM on 12/09/07 in Category: Tech
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